"I have known and worked with Jay for several years. Every conversation leaves you wanting to do more for your business. His insight, ideas, and knowledge are what sets him apart from other coaches. I love his positive attitude, work ethic, and people ethics. He has helped me to stay focused on my business goals. "

- Liz Weaver,  Paprika Creative  (Denver, CO)

"I highly recommend Jason not only for his coaching but as an overall good person to work with. Jason has helped me and my business understand where I needed to head next. I found that I was sitting idle and needed a push personally and professionally and Jason knew exactly where I was and what I needed to do. Since talking to Jay and following his methods I'm eager and excited to plan and take on new challenges. You won't regret working with Jason! "

-Josh Anson, Washington, DC

"Jay's unique approach to coaching is not only productive, inspiring and enjoyable, he allows you the client through guidance to find the missing pieces to the puzzle that are holding you back from your aspirations. You not only find reasons for your non actions but you use that discovery to work through the fear and self doubt, creating a new space for inspired unlimited action. It is now intriguing and enjoyable to "solve the puzzle " and move forward! Thank you Jason!"

- Denise Mecele,  Alberta, Canada

"I'm so happy I chose to work with Jay! One of my favorite aspects to his coaching is that he is always relatable. Relating stories, ideas, experiences back to me to help me move through my situation. A non-judgemental approach to his coaching also brings a deeper state of accountability to me! What I have been able to achieve (not just in business) but in my personal life since I began working with Jay is beyond measurement. I have let go of so many personal limiting beliefs, stuck to my plan, learned to slow down and feel a greater sense of "why I am here" than I have out of any coaching program or 1:1 coaching I've ever done before."

-Marcia Hoffheins, Leesburg, VA

"Jay was instrumental in helping our cidery get off the ground. Through several phone calls and email conversations, he shared advice on everything from recommending specific equipment and cider-making processes to strategies for future growth. He's been an awesome resource that we hope to continue to turn to in the years ahead!"

- Brandon Cline,  Brightwood Cider,   Nashville, TN

"Jay is a prime example of what strong discipline can do. He is a great coach and has helped me in so many ways progress to be the best me. Highly recommend."  

- Colton J. Loberg, British Colombia, Canada

Jason's consulting has been quite useful. His years of experience in the food/beverage/hospitality industry help him to quickly see things we had not thought of and ask questions that opened up even more questions (and answers) for us. It has given us great confidence. Looking forward to more in the future. 

-Andy Couey,  Nags Head,  North Carolina