One Goal - Clear and Focused Vision

I like to use the example of an airplane starting in San Francisco and traveling to Washington DC. In reality, it does not fly an exact route because there are highways in the skies, but if it did, it would fly in a straight line across the United States and get there perfectly. 

Imagine though that this plane starts it's journey just 1 degree off course to the North.  It flies approximately 2,800 miles and instead of arriving in DC, it arrives in Baltimore, which is about 50 miles away.  It missed the target. 

This happens with SO many of us in life. We start on a journey and we stray just a little bit off our flight plan and we end up just not hitting our goal. And in reality, some people don't even have a flight plan, and many people just never get off the ground. 

We start out doing something and life gets in the way. Daily pressures of work and family start to pick apart at the dream, and we may start to lose sight of it....but it does not have to be that way. We as humans are capable of infinite possibilities if we allow ourselves to be. And the biggest thing that gets in the way from us achieving these things?.....It's us. 

My job with coaching is to help you get of your own way and help you stick with the plan, but also help you pivot when you need to. A non-biased, no judgement voice that encourages you, but challenges you - someone who asks you to think differently from how you've always thought. Someone who will hold you accountable and not let you slip, and if you do do falter, try to discover and get to the root of why it's happening. 

As a Certified Insight Coach, I have a "toolbox" of resources to help create a clear path towards accomplishing goals. What can typically take years to accomplish, or sometimes never at all, I help speed that process along and put it on the fast track. 

So this starts with ONE GOAL that you are working on - And I'll help get you there. 


Jason's unique approach to coaching is not only productive, inspiring and enjoyable, he allows you, the client through guidance to find the missing pieces to the puzzle that are holding you back from your aspirations. You not only find reasons for your non actions but you use that discovery to work through the fear and self doubt, creating a new space for inspired unlimited action. It is now intriguing and enjoyable to "solve the puzzle " and move forward! Thank you Jason!

- Denise Mecele, Alberta, Canada

I highly recommend Jay not only for his coaching but as an overall good person to work with. Jay has helped me and my business understand where I needed to head next. I found that I was sitting idle and needed a push personally and professionally and Jay knew exactly where I was and what I needed to do. Since talking to Jay and following his methods I'm eager and excited to plan and take on new challenges. You won't regret working with Jay! "

-Josh Anson, Washington, DC

Jay is a prime example of what strong discipline can do. He is great coach and has helped me in so many ways progress to be the best me. Highly recommend.

-Colton J. Loberg, British Colombia, Canada

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